New slimming treatments

New slimming treatments

New slimming treatments

Body Bioenergy


Diego dalla Palma

The new body treatment is created to enhance the beauty of the body and counteract the imperfections associated to cellulite, localized adiposity, loss of tone based on the PNEI or "Aesthetic psychology of the body".



time:60min., price:339pln

smoothing scrub - draining salts - firming massage oil - biooenergy body massage on firming oil

Intensive detoxifying treatment to alleviate poorly oxygenated and heavy because of the toxins, tissue. It is also perfect for those who want to try a quick, and effective treatment.



time:90min., price:359pln

smoothing scrub - draining salts - thermoactive bandage - biooenergy body massage on firming oil

Deep drainage. Reactivation of micro-circulation and lymphatic system. For those with cellular cellulite and orange skin caused by water retention.



time:90min., price:349pln

acid peeling - liporesulating gel - algae anti-cellulite mask - bioenergy body massage on a sculpturing cream

Tissue regeneration, reactivation of cell metabolism and body sculpting. For people with cellulite.



time:75min., price:359pln

acid peeling - draining salts - anti-cellulite mud foam - thermoactive bandage - body bioenergy massage on a sculpting cream

Reduction the tension of hardened fibers that surround the fat cells and cause the appearance of cellulite dimples. Shock teratment for against stubborn cellulite. For people with hard, fibrous cellulite.


total body FOCUS

time:75min., price:359pln

acid peeling - liporesitive gel - anti-cellulite ultra - active concentrate - warming mask 'sauna pack' - body bioenergy massage on a firming massage cream

Combines all-body anti-cellulite and firming treatment by special lipolytic action on localized adiposity.

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